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Polipole - Sticky Mania - 50ml

Price: £ 13.00
Unlock your full potential on the pole with the revolutionary grip formulas from Polipole!
From pole dance and calisthenics to aerial circus training, our line of grip formulas are designed to meet the unique needs of athletes and performers of all levels, helping you unlock your full potential and achieve new heights of strength, control and confidence in your chosen discipline.

STICKY MANIA is the super sticky formula that feels like glue! It is recommended for aerialism and pole dancing. It is ideal if your skin type is normal to dry and can be used on your hands, body and pole.

- Super sticky grip
- No white residues
- VEGAN formulas
- Natural ingredients and lightly scented
- Polipole grips are compatible with all surfaces and are ThePole Italy Tested. You no longer need to worry about harsh chemicals ruining your pole finish.

How to use:
- Apply the product on your hands and contact points (such as backs of knees, ankles, elbow...)
- Remove the product from the pole, wiping it away with rubbing alcohol
- Make sure to place the cab back on the spray nozzle each time to prevent the pump from getting clogged

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