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Truck and car Diagnostic software

Here at Mellor Auto Electrical we are consensually moving with technology to be enable us to provide the most up-to-date service to our fleet and trade garage users.


We provide the latest auto diagnostic equipment from the industry leaders TEXA. This means we can repair faults from all major manufactures from cars to commercial trucks. we can interrogate ECU codes, change manufactures settings, programming, live data reading, component activation and many other functions.

Today’s vehicles are fitted with very sophisticated systems, networks and electronic structures that make workshop work increasingly challenging that's why these diagnostic kits are essential to our business and our customers.

Vehicle technical data base:


Also we have invested in the lasted 2008/09 Autodata system to enable us to find faults quickly by using the auto data wiring diagrams and fault code data base which works in conduction with our Texa diagnostic software to provide efficient and expert service. Because has we all know with out data the job takes twice as long.

The auto data software and the Texa diagnostic equipment combined provide the most up-to-date information there is, which helps us find faults quickly and efficiently which befits our customers

Night heater Diagnostic Software:

We specialize in night heater repairs, so its important to carry the  latest diagnostic software for these night heater systems.

We can read/clear faults and repair almost any night heater. The diagnostic system helps us find faults quickly by interrogating the night heater control units for fault codes, live data recoding and technical wiring diagrams which all help to rectify the malfunction. With over 20 years experience repairing night heater's we certainly have the knowledge how these complex systems work.

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